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Strained Greek 

Not Strained Greek 

It seems like nowadays everyone is trying to jump on the bandwagon and slap a Greek yogurt label on their product. Unfortunately in most cases that label is masking a not so healthy product. 

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We take pride in our nutrition fact values. We consistently compare our products to well known brands and periodically improve the nutrition until we are convinced we are the best in the market, both in flavor and in nutrition. To see the nutrition facts for each product CLICK HERE.
Within Noga's private labels, several companies such as Healthy Temptations and Norman's use different Rabbi seals.
They use the most popular two seals: Rabbi Unger's and Rabbi Teitelbaum's.
These seal's symbolize the Rabbi's approval of Noga's production processes.
Benesweet™ means sustained healthy energy. It is an alternative sweetener made from natural ingredients. 
Not only does it sweeten anything you mix it with, but it also provides additional vitamins and minerals to aid in proper nutrition.
Noga only uses Benesweet® Boost in its Healthy Dairy products.

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Cholov Yisroel certified products are produced mainly for the Jewish Orthodox Sector.
It is a special kind of supervised production that uphold the strictest guidelines of Kashruth.

Cholov Yisroel

Rabbi Seals



All yogurts contain basic cultures, but what makes some yogurts more beneficial than others, is specific active Probiotics that are added.
Noga yogurts contain millions of these special Probiotics per gram. The main and most popular of these cultures are Acidophilus and Bifidus.
These two live and active Probiotic cultures are well known for aiding in your immune and digestive health.
The OK is a leading kosher certifying agency that provides respected seals of kosher approval.
Most conservative Jews only consume products that contain this seal.
Noga branded yogurts as well as many of our private labels carry this seal.
To maintain proper nutrition and supply our bodies with the most nourishment, Noga created its own recipe of vitaminsand minerals. Most of our yogurts contain this mixture and include the most vital of the vitamins and minerals.
 This recipe provides you with 20 to 25% of your daily nutritional requirement.

OK- Kosher Organization

Nutrition Facts

Active Probiotic Cultures

Vitamins & Minerals