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Private label Opportunities

Noga Dairy is a well-established manufacturer who has dedicated over two decades to building trust with our private label companies. We are locally known due to our consistency and high-quality products. We are responsive, flexible and service-oriented, here to problem-solve with you. Whether It’s an existing item that you want or creating a new one, Noga’s technical capabilities and extraordinary experience in the dairy industry will help you reach your goals. We work with you to develop, design and promote your dairy product.

Annually inspected, we are under the HACCP program (Hazard Analysis and critical control points), IIMS program (Interstate milk shipper) and Kosher certified, which means you can be sure that from raw materials to finished product, we guarantee consistency and quality. Food safety and product integrity are of highest priority to us and to ensure that, we use the latest and highest quality equipment and technology to produce our products.  

Noga’s production capabilities are specifically designed to allow for the production of a wide variety of product package sizes, configurations, and custom formulations. We offer smaller batch production runs than most dairy manufacturers which set us apart from the larger manufacturers and makes us perfectly suited for any new product production, trial, and research to the large volumes serving large markets. Whatever your production requirements are, our team is here to serve your needs and those of your customers.